Sheepskin Wash Mitt


Reduces the risk of scratching.

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Sheepskin Wash Mitt


Look after your paintwork with our sheepskin wash mitt.
The gentle washing action of genuine sheepskin is far better than sponges and conventional wash mitts.

Reduces the risk of scratching.


How to Use:

Submerge the wash mitt into the wash bucket; agitate to release any particles which may be trapped in the fibres. Filling the wash mitt with water in the hope of flushing out any particles is probably a myth as water will not pass through the leather and only leak out at the seams

How to Clean:

After use: Rinse thoroughly in clean cold or lukewarm water, squeeze out the excess water (do not ring out) and leave to dry naturally.

The use of excessively hot water may damage Sheepskin and may cause it to shrink and harden. Drying too quickly can also cause your wash mitt to harden

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