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Fallout Remover - Bleeding Wheels 1L

Fallout Remover - Bleeding Wheels 1L

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Introducing our Fallout Remover Bleeding Wheels, the ultimate solution for cleaning stubborn brake dust, iron fallout, and other contaminants from your wheels and bodywork. Our specially formulated product is designed to cling to the surface, breaking down and dissolving contaminants for easy removal, leaving your wheels looking clean and new again.

Our Fallout Remover works by using a unique "bleeding" formula that turns purple as it reacts with iron particles, showing you exactly where the contamination is. This makes it easy to see which areas need extra attention and helps to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Our Fallout Remover is easy to use. Simply spray it onto your wheels and allow it to sit for a few minutes, allowing the product to break down the contaminants. The formula will then start to turn purple as it reacts with iron fallout, indicating where the contamination is. Once the product has turned purple, it's time to rinse your wheels clean.

Our Fallout Remover Bleeding Wheels is safe for use on all types of wheels, including painted, clear coated, and chrome finishes. It's also safe for use on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and glass.

One of the key benefits of our Fallout Remover Bleeding Wheels is that it helps to prolong the life of your wheels. By removing contaminants, it helps to prevent corrosion and damage to the surface, keeping your wheels looking like new for longer.

Experience the ultimate clean with our Fallout Remover Bleeding Wheels. Perfect for car enthusiasts and anyone looking to keep their wheels and bodywork looking like new, our product delivers outstanding results every time, leaving your wheels and other parts of your car looking clean and fresh. Add it to your car care routine today and enjoy a cleaner, more protected ride!

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